Book a free consultation with Sheriece Strickland.  In this free, 30 minute consultation we will focus on your goals and how hypnotherapy can be your pathway to real change. Our interaction will help build your comfort and trust that our work together will empower your journey. You will learn what happens in a hypnotherapy session and how I will work with you to help you get the results you want.

My intention is simple but powerful:  to facilitate the healing journey of body, mind, and soul through the art of the clinical hypnotherapy process. My services are for those who are READY and WANT to heal. I use tried and tested methods to help you connect with your subconscious mind for your healing. The results are highly dependent on your readiness to allow transformation to take place. Your commitment and action can change your life.

Book a free consultation with me now.  This preview helps me understand what you are facing and how I can better help you. I will try my best to accommodate your schedule. We will decide together whether to move forward with the paid sessions.

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